About Us

In 2015, our founder Ethan found that all electric scooters on the market were heavy and not easy to fold. Therefore, the first electric scooter product of QMY was designed: it has a unique way of one-click folding, integrated molding body, and does not affect its endurance under the weight of 13Kg, and even has stronger power.

When the ice machine he had been using for years didn't work, Ethan bought a new surface ice machine. But finding that the efficiency of the ice machine was still the same as before, he had to consider designing a product that could improve the efficiency of ice making. After research and design, the 3-minute fast ice maker was mass-produced and sold.

  • Kevin

    This is a birthday present for my daughter. Because she likes bullet ice. We all love this machine because it's easy to operate and makes ice quickly and quietly. We are very pleased with the ice making efficiency. Highly recommend this ice maker.

  • Nancy

    This scooter is amazing! It has become an indispensable part of my daily life. Climbing is no problem at all, folding is quick and easy, and it's light! That's what I love most about this scooter!

  • Lawrence

    Since my friend bought this scooter, I have been checking every day to see if there are any special offers. It finally arrived just before Easter!