About Us

QMY is a technology-based company that specializes in research and development, design, and production of electric scooters. We established in 2015 and grew rapidly in a few years. In 2021, we were approved as a Guangdong provincial high-tech enterprise. With an extremely strong technical team, we provide the most fashionable, attractive and powerful electric scooters to the riders and constantly upgrade their riding experience to enjoy the funniest riding.

Meanwhile, QMY has got UL, ROHS, FCC, CE certifications. With ISO9001 and MES traceability system, we provide the most safety and best quality electric scooters to the world.

Our advantage

MES system and ISO9001 to ensure the quality of our electric scooters


150K units per year


0 delay for the request

delivery date


Quick response to customers' request and the market


Contact us

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