The best choice for refreshing in summer—ice machine

The best choice for refreshing in summer—ice machine

Of course, there is more than one choice for summer; nevertheless, the QMY ice maker has many advantages to make it your first choice. At this time, you are looking for a multi-functional ice machine, then please take a look at the advantages of QMY ice machine.


Efficient ice making

When the summer is very hot, you want to have a cold drink quickly when you get home; in this case, the QMY ice machine can produce 9 small ice cubes in 3.5 minutes to meet your ice needs.
Once you get your ice machine running, it will produce enough ice in the time it takes to prepare other food or drinks. Just wait a few minutes and the ice cubes will be ready to use. If you need more ice, you can always restart the ice machine for the next ice cycle



Two sizes of ice cubes

Generally, QMY ice machine ice cube sizes include small ice cubes and large ice cubes. Small ice cubes are suitable for drinks that need to be cooled quickly without dilution, such as beer or juice, and can also be used to refrigerate food such as seafood to maintain their freshness and taste. Large ice cubes are more suitable for use in drinks. Because of their larger size, they can cool the drink more effectively while slowing down the melting rate of the ice, allowing the drink to stay cold longer. Therefore, the diverse selection of ice machines can meet users' flexible needs for ice size and use in different scenarios.

Self-cleaning function

The ice maker has an advanced self-cleaning feature that eliminates the need for time-consuming and laborious manual cleaning. Utilizing water circulation deep cleaning technology, the ice machine can efficiently remove dirt and residue that may be left behind during the ice making process. Simply press the on/off button twice to start the self-cleaning process, which takes only 5 minutes to complete. During the self-cleaning process, water circulates inside the ice machine, thoroughly rinsing and cleaning every corner, ensuring that the ice machine always remains hygienic and efficient. This function is not only convenient and fast, but also ensures that the ice cubes you make are always clean and hygienic, giving you a healthier and more secure experience.

Automatic shutdown protection

The ice machine is equipped with a smart stop ice making function. Once the ice cubes in the ice cube reach the maximum capacity, the ice machine will automatically stop making ice, avoiding waste caused by overflow of ice cubes, and also protecting the machine from possible damage caused by over-operation. of damage. This intelligent design not only saves energy and water resources, but also extends the service life of the ice machine, providing users with a more intelligent, convenient and safe experience. You can use the ice machine with confidence without worrying about ice cubes spilling or damage to the machine, making the ice making process easier and more enjoyable.

Silent operation:

The ice machine has excellent noise control performance during operation, bringing an excellent use experience. Its professional design ensures low noise levels without causing any disturbance to the living space. Even in a home environment, the ice maker can maintain a quiet and comfortable environment, allowing you to enjoy refreshing ice drinks while remaining quiet and comfortable.

Why buy a QMY ice machine this summer?

Are you worried about the hot summer weather this summer? QMY ice maker will be your antidote! With many advantages such as fast ice making, intelligent adjustment, and energy saving, the QMY ice machine not only allows you to easily make refreshing ice drinks at home, but can also solve your cold drink needs in a short time. It is not only easy to operate, but also has an intelligent ice-full detection function, so you don’t have to worry about waiting time, and you can enjoy the coolness while maintaining the vitality of your life. Whether you are gathering with friends, working from home or camping outdoors, the QMY ice machine can bring you a wonderful experience of cooling down the summer!

Imagine that on a hot summer afternoon, when you and your friends are enjoying a party at home, the convenience of QMY ice machine’s rapid ice making will make you an “ice drink expert” and bring you a refreshing and pleasant drink to your friends. Feast; or camping outdoors, the intelligent adjustment function of the QMY ice machine can meet your needs for cold drinks at any time, allowing you to feel the warmth of home even outdoors. The QMY ice machine is not only a "magic device" for keeping cool in summer, but also a symbol of young people's lifestyle. Let's enjoy the coolness in summer and feel the beauty of life together!


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I just got my HS-20. I can not get it to work. I cleaned it and let it sit for 24 hours. I turn it on and it doesn’t make ice

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