The benefits of having your own ice maker and ice packs

Ice packs are indeed convenient, but can you ensure that you remember to buy and refill them every time? Have you ever had that embarrassing moment when you want a cold drink late at night, only to find there’s no ice in the refrigerator? Or are you preparing to welcome guests, but suddenly find that the ice bucket is out of ice? really sad

The moment I saw there was no ice, I felt strongly about getting my own ice maker so I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting to add ice. The value of the ice machine is not only reflected in the convenience during use, but also in its long-term cost savings. No more frequent purchases of bagged ice

Ice Maker vs. Ice Bags – Pros and Cons

Need ice occasionally? You might think that owning an ice machine is too much of a luxury, and that might be true. But if your business regularly runs out of ice, traditional ice packs may not be the smartest choice. What's the difference between the two? Let’s explore it together.

Procurement cost:

The initial cost of purchasing an ice machine may be higher as it requires some investment. But an ice maker can save you money on ice in the long run because you only pay the purchase cost once and make the ice yourself, avoiding the long-term cost of purchasing it.
Ice packs are relatively inexpensive to purchase as they are usually a one-time purchase and are relatively inexpensive. But if you need to buy ice packs frequently, it will also cause some expenses in the long run.

Ease of access:

Once installed, the ice machine provides a convenient, always-available source of ice with no additional purchases required. With just a simple operation, you can get fresh ice cubes quickly and easily.
Ice packs are relatively easy to obtain and can be purchased in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. However, it should be noted that ice packs need to be replenished in time after use to avoid inconvenience after use.

Travel reserves:

For situations where you need to travel or move for extended periods of time, an ice maker is less portable because it requires power and a certain amount of space. During outdoor activities or camping, the ice machine cannot provide ice cubes.
Ice packs are easy to carry and are a common cooling reserve when traveling or outdoor activities because they require no power source or special facilities. Ice packs can provide ice as long as there is a water source and sufficient cooling time.


If properly cleaned and maintained, ice machines can provide relatively sanitary ice. However, if it is not cleaned regularly, there may be a risk of bacterial growth, affecting the hygiene and safety of the ice cubes.
Ice packs are disposable, so they have certain advantages in terms of hygiene and will not cause problems with bacterial growth. But if accidentally damaged, fluid may leak and require cleaning.

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