Revolutionizing Urban Commuting: QMY's Battery Scooter for Adults

QMY is dedicated to producing high-quality battery scooter for adults that provide the ideal balance of performance, convenience, and elegance. Our QMY HT-T4 - 10 Inches Electric Scooter with Digital Display is built to fulfill the needs of modern city dwellers. It's the ideal alternative for grownups looking for a dependable and efficient method of transportation, thanks to its great range, powerful motor, and innovative technologies.


Integrated Handlebars for Comfort and Aesthetics

At QMY, we prioritize rider comfort and aesthetics. That's why our QMY HT-T4 electric scooter features integrated handlebars. We understand that the contact point between the hand and the scooter is crucial for a comfortable riding experience. After careful design and repeated polishing, our integrated handlebars provide a seamless connection with the scooter, ensuring maximum comfort. With a waterproof and sweat-proof design and no exposed lines, our handlebars not only offer comfort but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the scooter.


8.5-Inch Big Tires for Security and Balance

Safety and balance are of utmost importance when it comes to battery scooters for adults. That's why our QMY HT-T4 comes equipped with 8.5-inch big tires. These tires are made of explosion-proof, wear-resistant, and strapping materials, ensuring that you can easily maneuver over obstacles with ease. Whether it's rough terrain or uneven surfaces, our big tires provide a sense of security and balance, allowing you to confidently navigate your way to your destination.


One-Button Folding for Ultimate Convenience

We understand the need for convenience and portability in today's fast-paced world. That's why we have incorporated a one-button folding mechanism into our QMY HT-T4 electric scooter. With just a simple press of a button, you can fold your scooter effortlessly. This feature proves to be a convenient savior when you need to take a taxi, store it in a trunk, or use public transportation. Whether you're commuting or traveling, the one-button folding design ensures that your scooter can accompany you wherever you go.



When it comes to battery scooters for adults, QMY is your reliable choice. With our QMY HT-T4 - 10 Inches Electric Scooter with Digital Display, you can experience the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and style. Our integrated handlebars provide comfort and aesthetics, while the 8.5-inch big tires offer security and balance throughout your ride. The one-button folding mechanism ensures ultimate convenience, allowing you to take your scooter wherever you need to go. Choose QMY for a reliable, efficient, and enjoyable adult scooter experience.

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