Efficient Electric Scooter Storage

In daily life, correct storage and maintenance are crucial to protect our electric scooters. When we are not using our electric scooters for a while, proper storage methods can extend their life and avoid damage and theft. Here are five ways to store electric scooters, suitable for different scenarios and usage habits:

1.Indoor storage:

  • Place it at the door or in the hallway: Place the electric scooter at the door of your home or in a corner of the hallway so that it is easy to get in and out of the house without hindering the passage of other family members.
  • Hang on the wall: Install a special hanger to hang the electric scooter on the wall, which saves floor space and is easy to access.
  • Place in a closet: If space permits, you can place the electric scooter in a closet to keep it away from dust and direct sunlight.

2.Shade storage:

  • Place on the balcony: If you have a balcony, you can choose a corner to place the electric scooter that will not be exposed to the sun and avoid direct rainwater.
  • Place it under a garden shed: If you have a garden or shed at home, you can place the electric scooter under the shed to avoid direct sunlight and keep it dry.
  • Use shade cloth to cover: If there is no suitable storage place, you can use shade cloth to cover the electric scooter to avoid direct sunlight and rain.

3.Cover protection:

  • Use a Special Cover: Purchase a specially designed scooter cover that covers the entire vehicle to protect it from dust, rain, and sunlight.
  • DIY waterproof cover: You can use plastic sheeting or waterproof cloth to make a homemade waterproof cover according to the size of the electric scooter to cover the body and ensure it is dry.
  • Covering used car clothes: If you have old sheets or cloth, you can also use them as a cover to prevent dust and debris from falling on the electric scooter.


  • Use a car lock: When storing indoors or outdoors, you can use a special scooter lock to lock the vehicle on a fixed bracket or fixed object, which can effectively prevent theft or movement.
  • Wheel locks: Wheel locks can be used to lock the wheels of an electric scooter in place, which is simple and easy to do and prevents the scooter from being easily moved by criminals.

5.Regular maintenance:

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Regularly clean the appearance and internal parts of the electric scooter, including brushing the body, cleaning the wheels, checking the brake system, etc., to ensure its good appearance and performance.
  • Charging and maintenance: Charge the electric scooter regularly. Even if it is not used frequently, make sure the battery maintains a certain amount of power to prevent battery failure or damage.

With the above storage methods and maintenance suggestions, we can better protect our electric scooters, extend their service life, and keep them in good condition. Whether it is indoor or outdoor storage, as well as maintenance during daily use, are the keys to ensuring long-term use of your electric scooter. By taking appropriate measures, we can enjoy longer rides while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of electric scooters.


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