Efficiency On the Go: QMY TK1 Foldable Electric Scooter for Mobility Solutions

At QMY, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation in electric mobility - the QMY TK1 foldable electric scooter. Designed to cater to the needs of modern professionals, our foldable scooter combines convenience, portability, and exceptional performance in one sleek package.


Embrace Portability with Foldable Design

The QMY TK1 features a unique foldable design that allows users to effortlessly collapse the scooter into a compact form. This innovative feature makes it easy to carry and transport, enabling professionals to seamlessly integrate it into their daily routines. Whether it's navigating crowded city streets or hopping on public transportation, the QMY TK1 ensures hassle-free mobility with its foldable convenience.


Unleash Your Commuting Potential

With a maximum range of 43km (27 miles), the QMY TK1 empowers riders to conquer long commutes without worrying about battery life. This extended range is made possible by our advanced battery technology, ensuring that professionals can confidently rely on our foldable electric scooter for their daily transportation needs. Additionally, the scooter boasts a maximum speed of 35km/h (21mph) – allowing riders to reach their destinations swiftly and efficiently.


Redefining Efficiency and Sustainability

As the E-Scooter market continues to surge, it's crucial for businesses to embrace eco-friendly and efficient transport solutions. By investing in the QMY TK1 foldable electric scooter, companies can position themselves as leaders in sustainable mobility. The foldable design not only saves space but also reduces the need for additional vehicles or parking spaces. Embrace the future of corporate sustainability with our foldable electric scooter.



According to McKinsey & Company, the E-Scooter industry is projected to be worth $200 billion to $300 billion in the United States, $100 billion to $150 billion in Europe, and $30 billion to $50 billion in China by 2030. As the market continues to grow exponentially, the QMY TK1 emerges as a game-changer in the foldable electric scooter segment. It offers businesses an opportunity to enhance efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and provide employees with a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation.


Experience the future of electric mobility with QMY TK1 - the ultimate foldable electric scooter designed to revolutionize your business operations. Trust us to deliver portability, performance, and innovation. Together, let's redefine the way professionals commute and make a positive impact on the environment. Invest in QMY TK1 today and unlock a world of convenience, efficiency, and sustainability for your business. Contact us now to explore partnership opportunities and experience the endless possibilities of our foldable electric scooters. Join the movement towards a greener and smarter tomorrow.



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