Do we treat electric scooters as a tool or a toy?

An electric scooter can be considered a tool or a toy, depending on the individual's purpose and method of use. Here are two perspectives:

As a tool:
Convenient transportation: Electric scooters can be used as a convenient urban transportation to help people quickly travel short distances.
Environmentally Friendly: Compared with traditional fuel transportation, electric scooters are generally more environmentally friendly and do not emit exhaust gas, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.
Last mile transportation: In cities, they are often used to solve the last mile transportation problem, taking users from public transportation stops or parking lots to their destinations.

As a toy:
Entertainment: Some people use electric scooters purely for entertainment and recreation, enjoying the joy of riding on the scooter.
Sports: Skateboarding is a physical activity, and electric scooters can become a tool for participants to exercise.
Youth culture: In some areas, electric scooters are considered part of youth culture and have become a way for young people to socialize and have fun.

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