How to avoid an electric scooter rollover: 3 key tips

In today's urban life, electric scooters have become a popular means of transportation. They are not only environmentally friendly and convenient, but also suitable for short-distance travel. However, like any motor vehicle, electric scooters have some safety hazards, the most prominent of which is rollover accidents. Rollovers not only cause injury to the cyclist, but may also be dangerous to surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. Therefore, it is crucial to master the skills to avoid the electric scooter from rolling over. This article will introduce three key tips to help riders use electric scooters more safely.


Tip 1: Solid body posture

Firm stance: Make sure your feet are properly spaced apart and in the center of the scooter.

Upper body balance: Keep your body upright and don't lean forward or backward too much.

Bend your knees: Bend your knees slightly to help absorb shock from uneven roads.


Tip 2: Careful turning movements

Slow down: Slow down properly before turning. Lowering the speed can better control the scooter.

Body weight transfer: When turning, turn the upper body inward and shift the center of gravity to the direction of the turn to help maintain balance.

Avoid sharp turns: Avoid sudden changes in direction or sharp turns, which increase the risk of rollover.


Tip 3: Choose the right road conditions and terrain

Flat road: Choose a flat, smooth road to ride on, and avoid uneven or obstructed areas.

Avoid steep slopes: Try to avoid riding downhill for long periods of time. Steep slopes can easily lead to excessive speed and increase the risk of rollover.

Pay attention to road conditions: Observe road conditions at all times to avoid slippery or gravelly areas.


Avoiding rollovers is a crucial safety skill when using an electric scooter. By mastering a stable body posture, careful turning movements, and choosing appropriate road conditions and terrain, cyclists can effectively reduce the occurrence of rollover accidents and ensure the safety of themselves and surrounding pedestrians. Therefore, we call on all e-scooter riders to keep these key tips in mind and work together to create a safer urban transportation environment.


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