Maintain Correct Tire Pressure on Your Electric Scooter

In daily use of electric scooters, maintaining correct tire pressure is one of the key factors to ensure safe riding and extend the life of the vehicle. The tires are the only contact point between the electric scooter and the ground, so their condition directly affects the vehicle's handling performance, stability and overall driving effect. This article explains why maintaining correct tire pressure is crucial and provides some simple steps to check and adjust tire pressure.


Why is it important to maintain correct tire pressure?

Correct tire pressure directly affects the performance and safety of your electric scooter. Tire pressure that is too low can cause the following problems:

  • Decreased handling performance: Tires that are too loose will cause the vehicle's handling performance to decrease when turning or changing lanes, increasing the risk of losing control.
  • Extended braking distance: Loose tires increase braking distance, making it more difficult to stop in an emergency.
  • Increased tire wear: Too low tire pressure will cause excessive wear on the edges of the tires and reduce the service life of the tires.


On the other hand, too high tire pressure can also cause problems:

  • Decreased handling performance: Excessively high tire pressure will cause the vehicle's handling performance to decrease on uneven roads, reducing driving comfort.
  • Uneven tire wear: Excessive tire pressure can cause excessive wear in the center area of the tire, affecting the life of the tire.
  • Easy to puncture: Excessive tire pressure increases the risk of tire puncture, especially when driving at high speeds or for long periods of time.


How to check and adjust tire pressure?

Preparation Tools: A tire pressure gauge is a must-have, make sure it's accurate and adjust it as needed.

1.Check the pressure: Before and after every ride, use a tire pressure gauge to check the current pressure in your tires. Pressure recommendations can be found on the side of the tire, make sure the pressure is within the recommended range.

2.Adjust pressure: If your tires are underinflated, use an air pump to add air until the recommended pressure is reached. If your tire pressure is too high, you can use a pressure gauge to reduce the pressure.

3.By regularly checking and adjusting tire pressure, you can ensure that your electric scooter is always in optimal condition, improving riding safety and comfort.


Maintaining correct tire pressure is essential for safe riding on your e-scooter and extending the life of your vehicle. This article explains the importance of correct tire pressure, as well as simple steps on how to check and adjust your tire pressure. By following these recommendations, riders can ensure that their e-scooter tires are always in top condition, improving the overall riding experience.

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