What is the difference between ice cubes made using tap water and purified water?

Ever wondered why some ice cubes disappear faster than others? It all comes down to what you use to make them – tap water or purified water. Let's break it down:



Crystal Clear:

Ice cubes made with purified water are like little blocks of crystal-clear perfection. They're free from any impurities, giving them that pristine appearance. On the flip side, tap water ice cubes might have tiny bubbles or specks, making them look a tad cloudy.

Taste the Difference:

When it comes to taste, purified water ice cubes win every time. They're pure and neutral, so they won't mess with the flavor of your drink. Tap water ice cubes, on the other hand, can sometimes carry a hint of chlorine or other chemicals, altering the taste of your beverage.

Slow Melters vs. Quick Disappearing Acts:

Purified water ice cubes have staying power. They melt slower, keeping your drink colder for longer. But tap water ice cubes? They're quick to vanish, thanks to the impurities that speed up the melting process.

Solid as a Rock:

Purified water ice cubes are solid and dense, holding their shape until the very end. Tap water ice cubes might be a bit softer and less consistent due to those pesky impurities.

So, next time you reach for the ice tray, remember – the type of water you use can make all the difference in your drink. Choose purified water for ice cubes that look clearer, taste better, last longer, and stay solid till the last sip.