QMY Model A

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When my electric scooterjust arrived, the packaging was not damaged during transportation. I couldn't wait to see myelectric scooter, so I disassembled it. It was really the same as in the picture. QMY was very honest. Well, I performed a cycling test. This speed is amazing and the cycling is very stable. When I encounter a puddle, I will not be bumpy.


CulverCity, CA


In general, I think this is a very good electric scooter, which is worth it.


Los Angeles, CA


I think this is a very simple and beautifulelectric scooter.I did not see a line on the whole vehicle, all of which are hidden wiring. Thiselectric scooteron the market is not seen. It is very special. The embellishment of green lines and red color makes theelectric scootermore cool and increased visibility.




The brake is done very well. Thiselectric scooterhas two braking methods. It has electronic braking and rear disc brake. Even at a maximum speed of 22 miles/h, it can maximize the maximum extent It is indeed safe.


EastHampton, NY


I have never likedelectric scooters. Until I bought QMY'selectric scooter, I liked theelectric scooterand used it every day. and I find that this is very suitable for me, especially the price.


Frenchtown, NJ