Redefining Convenience and Power with Ultra Lightweight Folding Scooters for Adults

At QMY, we have revolutionized the way people travel with our ultra lightweight folding scooter for adults. Like e-bikes, the market for e-scooters has been surging and is projected to grow 7.6% from 2021 to 2028.1 This statistic highlights the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient modes of transportation. QMY is proud to be at the forefront of this industry with our ultra lightweight folding scooters for adults. In a rapidly growing market for e-scooters, our products stand out for their exceptional portability and convenience.



One-Button Folding - The Ultimate Convenience


Our QMY scooters are equipped with a one-button folding mechanism, making them the most convenient savior for riders on the go. Whether you need to take a taxi and stow your scooter in the trunk, hop on an elevator with ease, or use public transport like buses or subways, our one-button folding feature ensures seamless integration into your daily routine. Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome scooters that take up unnecessary space – with QMY, convenience is just a tap away.


Unleash the Power - 450W Brushless Motor


We understand that power is crucial when it comes to tackling different terrains. That's why our ultra lightweight folding scooter for adults are equipped with a 450W powerful brushless motor. This cutting-edge technology not only saves energy and electricity but also provides unparalleled strength. Say goodbye to struggling uphill – our scooters effortlessly conquer 25% slopes, giving you the freedom to explore without limitations. Experience the thrill of smooth, powerful acceleration with QMY.


Durability and Portability - Perfect for Modern Lifestyles


Our ultra lightweight folding scooter for adults are not only powerful but also built to last. Crafted with high-quality materials, they can withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring years of reliable performance. Additionally, their compact and foldable design makes them easy to store in small spaces, such as apartments, offices, or even a corner in your car trunk. QMY scooters seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles, providing a hassle-free mobility solution.




In conclusion, the market for e-scooters is booming, and QMY is at the forefront of this industry. Our ultra lightweight folding scooter for adults offer unparalleled convenience with their one-button folding mechanism, allowing for easy transportation and storage. The powerful 450W brushless motor ensures a smooth and effortless ride, even on steep slopes. With LED headlights ensuring safety and style, QMY scooters are designed to meet the needs of modern urban dwellers. From daily commutes to weekend adventures, our scooters will revolutionize the way you travel. Embrace the future of transportation with QMY.