5 features you must have when buying an electric scooter

In today's urban life, electric scooters are increasingly favored by people as an environmentally friendly and convenient travel tool. However, when choosing to buy an electric scooter, in addition to its appearance and price, it is more important to pay attention to its safety performance, performance range, suspension system, folding design and smart functions. Here are the important things to look for when buying an electric scooter.


Safety performance:


  • Braking system: Electric scooters must be equipped with reliable braking systems, including electronic brakes and manual brakes. Electronic brakes usually use motors to recycle energy to slow down, while manual brakes are common friction brakes. The combination of the two can provide faster and safer parking.


  • Lighting system: Qualified electric scooters should be equipped with headlights, taillights and flashing indicator lights. These light systems increase visibility at night or in low-visibility conditions, helping other vehicles and pedestrians identify your location and direction of travel.


  • Reflectors: Safety features also include devices that can observe surrounding traffic conditions, such as vehicle-mounted reflectors. These reflectors can ensure that you can promptly detect vehicles coming from behind while driving, improving riding safety.


  • Protective equipment: When riding an electric scooter, you should wear qualified safety protective equipment, including helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. These equipment can provide extra protection in unexpected situations and reduce possible injuries.


  • Stability and Suspension: When purchasing an electric scooter, consider the stability and suspension of the vehicle. A high-quality suspension system can reduce bumps on uneven roads, improve riding comfort and stability, and thereby enhance the safety of the entire vehicle.


Performance and range:


  • Maximum speed and acceleration performance: Understand the maximum speed and acceleration performance of your electric scooter to make sure it can meet your driving needs. Generally speaking, higher maximum speed and faster acceleration provide a better riding experience.


  • Range: Range is a key indicator of the battery life of an electric scooter. Knowing the range of an electric scooter can help you determine the maximum distance it can travel on a single charge. Make sure the model you choose has enough range to meet your daily riding needs.


  • Battery Type and Charging Time: The battery type and charging time of an electric scooter are also important factors to consider. Different types of batteries (such as lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, etc.) have different charging times and lifespans. Choosing a battery type with shorter charge times and longer life can improve your convenience.


Suspension system:


  1. Front suspension system:
  • Spring and shock absorber types: Understand the types of springs and shock absorbers used in the front suspension system, such as the material and strength of the springs and the adjustment range of the shock absorbers. A good front suspension system can provide better shock absorption and increase riding comfort.


  • Adjustability: The front suspension system of some electric scooters is adjustable and can be adjusted according to personal preferences and road conditions, improving the adaptability and flexibility of riding.


  1. Rear suspension system:
  • Type: Understand the type of rear suspension system used on electric scooters, such as single-arm suspension, double-arm suspension, or independent suspension. Different types of rear suspension systems have different effects on comfort and stability.


  • Stability: Choose a rear suspension system with stable performance to provide better stability and control when driving at high speeds or on uneven roads.


  1. Suspension system durability and maintenance costs:
  • Durability: Understanding the durability and reliability of the suspension system and choosing a suspension system that is durable and not easily damaged can reduce maintenance costs and frequency of repairs.


  • Maintenance costs: Consider the maintenance costs of the suspension system, including parts replacement and repair costs. Choosing a low-maintenance suspension system can help reduce the overall vehicle operating cost.


Folding design:



Compact Folding Design: Choosing an electric scooter with a compact folding design allows it to be smaller in size when folded, making it easier to carry and store. This is especially important for users who frequently need to carry or store their electric scooters.



Strong folding mechanism: Ensure that the folding mechanism of the electric scooter is strong and reliable, and can maintain stability when folded. This can avoid loosening or malfunctioning of the folding mechanism during carrying or use.


3.Ease of use:

Easy-to-use folding operation: Choosing an electric scooter with a simple-to-use folding operation can reduce the user's operational complexity when folding and unfolding and improve convenience of use.



Durable folding structure: Consider the durability of the folding structure of the electric scooter and choose a folding structure with durable materials and design, which can increase the service life of the entire vehicle.



Safety locking mechanism: Ensure that the electric scooter has a safe folding locking mechanism, which can effectively avoid safety hazards caused by the sudden unlocking of the folding mechanism during riding.


Smart functions:

  • Mobile phone connection: Some electric scooters are equipped with a mobile phone connection function. By pairing with a mobile phone, various functions of the vehicle can be controlled through the mobile phone application, such as adjusting speed, checking battery status, etc.


  • APP control: Electric scooters with mobile phone application control functions are usually equipped with a special APP. Through this APP, vehicle parameter settings, remote power on and off, vehicle positioning, anti-theft and other functions can be performed.


  • Vehicle-mounted GPS: Some electric scooters have built-in vehicle GPS modules, which can locate the vehicle location in real time and provide vehicle tracking and anti-theft functions.


  • Smart locking system: The smart locking system can be unlocked through a mobile phone or smart card, increasing the vehicle's anti-theft performance.


  • Automatic cruise function: Some high-end electric scooters have an automatic cruise function, which can automatically maintain a constant speed according to the set speed, reducing the burden on the rider's hands.



When buying an electric scooter, you need to pay attention to many aspects, including safety performance, performance range, suspension system, folding design and smart functions. By comprehensively considering these factors and choosing an electric scooter that suits your needs and budget, you can bring a better riding experience while ensuring safety and convenience during riding.