The secret to keeping your electric scooter in good condition: QMY TK1 maintenance tips revealed

When using an electric scooter on a daily basis, proper maintenance is key to ensuring its performance and longevity. Below we will share some tips on how to properly maintain an electric scooter, incorporating QMY TK1 product information, hoping to help you better maintain your scooter and extend its service life.

1.keep clean:

  • Clean the surface: Use a soft cloth or wet paper towel to wipe the surface of the QMY TK1 scooter to remove dust, dirt and other debris to ensure the body is clean.
  • Clean the wheels: Use a brush and detergent to clean the QMY TK1 scooter wheels, especially the dirt on the tire tread and axle, to maintain good grip and turning performance.
  • Internal maintenance: Regularly clean the interior of the QMY TK1 scooter, including the battery compartment and motor area, to ensure that no debris affects mechanical operation.


2.Check the screws:

  • Fastening screws: Use a wrench or screwdriver to check the screw connections everywhere on the QMY TK1 scooter to make sure they are tight, especially parts such as wheels, brakes and handles.
  • Replace damaged parts: If damaged or loose screws are found, repair or replace them in time to prevent safety hazards.
  • Regular Inspections: Make sure your QMY TK1 scooter is in top condition by checking the screw connections before every ride.


3.Tire pressure:

  • Regular Checks: Check your QMY TK1 Scooter tire pressure once a week, using a pressure gauge to make sure the pressure is within the manufacturer's recommended range.
  • Adjust tire pressure: Adjust tire pressure according to riding habits and road conditions, such as lowering the air pressure on uneven roads to improve comfort.
  • Check the wear: Check the QMY TK1 scooter tire wear regularly. If abnormal wear or scratches are found, replace the tire in time to ensure safe riding.



  • Charge regularly: Charge the QMY TK1 scooter's battery regularly as needed to ensure the battery always maintains sufficient power. Charging time is about 4-5 hours.
  • Avoid overcharging: Avoid overcharging the battery. Generally speaking, charge it to between 80% and 90% to extend battery life.
  • Avoid leaving it uncharged for a long time: When the QMY TK1 scooter is not used for a long time, make sure the battery is in a certain state of charge to prevent damage caused by excessive self-discharge of the battery.


5.Brake inspection:

  • Check the brake line: Check the brake line regularly to see if it is worn or broken, and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the brake pads: Check the wear degree of the brake pads. If serious wear is found, replace them in time to ensure the braking effect.
  • Adjust the brakes: Adjust the brakes as needed to ensure that the braking sensitivity and effect meet the requirements.


6.Keep it lubricated:

  • Chain Lubrication: Apply chain lube regularly to ensure the QMY TK1 scooter chain runs smoothly and prevent rust and wear.
  • Steering system lubrication: Check and lubricate the steering system of your QMY TK1 scooter regularly to ensure flexible and smooth steering.
  • Regular cleaning and lubrication: Clean and lubricate other parts required on your QMY TK1 scooter, such as pedals and handles, to keep it in good condition.



  • Dry and Clean Environment: Store your QMY TK1 scooter in a dry, clean environment away from rain and moisture to prevent rust and damage.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: Prolonged exposure to the sun may damage the car body and plastic parts, so try to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use a car cover: When not in use for a long time, you can consider using a special car cover to cover the QMY TK1 scooter to protect the body from dust and dirt.


8.Avoid overloading:

  • Know the maximum load capacity: Know the maximum load capacity of your QMY TK1 scooter and avoid exceeding this load range to prevent damage to critical components.
  • Take turns: If you need to carry heavy items, try to take turns using different scooters to balance the load on each vehicle and reduce excessive stress on a single vehicle.


9.Periodic inspection:

  • Check the overall condition: Regularly check the overall condition of the scooter, both exterior and interior, to make sure there are no obvious signs of damage or wear.
  • Deal with problems promptly: If any problems are found, such as cracks, looseness or wear, deal with them and repair them promptly to prevent the problem from getting worse.


Proper maintenance is crucial to keeping your electric scooter in good condition. Regular cleaning, checking screws, maintaining tire pressure, regular charging, brake inspection, maintaining lubrication, proper storage, avoiding overloading, and regular inspections are all critical steps to maintain the performance and longevity of your scooter. Combined with the product information of QMY TK1, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of how to properly maintain the electric scooter in daily use and enjoy a safer and more comfortable riding experience.