Everything you need to know about electric scooter battery fire protection

The use of electric scooters in urban transportation is becoming more and more common, however, the safety risks that come with it have also attracted much attention. Among them, battery fire is a serious problem that may cause serious injury or even life-threatening to the user and surrounding people. In order to better understand and deal with this problem, we need to delve into the importance of electric scooter battery fire prevention and related preventive measures and response strategies.

1. Why do batteries catch fire easily?

Overcharging and discharging: Overcharging or discharging lithium batteries can cause the battery to heat up, increasing the risk of fire. Using a low-quality charger while charging or leaving it charged for a long time can also cause problems.

Short Circuit: If the positive and negative terminals of the battery come into contact, a short circuit will form. This can cause a large amount of current to pass through the battery instantaneously, creating high temperatures and causing a fire.

External damage: Physical damage or punctures to the battery casing may cause an internal short circuit, which may lead to a fire. Scooters may be hit or dropped during use, so it is important to protect the battery from external damage.

2. How to prevent battery fire?

Charger and charging habits: Use the charger provided by the original manufacturer and strictly follow the instruction manual to avoid overcharging or keeping it in the charging state for a long time while charging. Avoid charging in extreme temperature environments, as high-temperature charging increases the risk of fire.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly check the battery cables, casing and insulation materials to make sure they are not damaged or loose. Clean the dust and debris on the battery surface to avoid external damage and fire.

Battery quality and certifications: Choose high-quality battery products, preferably with UL 2271 certification or other relevant safety certifications. These certifications usually mean that the battery has passed rigorous safety testing.

3. What should you do if there is a fire?

Evacuate the safe area immediately: When you find signs of a fire, stop using the scooter immediately and leave the fire scene quickly to ensure your own safety. Never attempt to put out a fire as it can spread quickly.

Call Emergency Rescue: Call emergency numbers (such as 911) to call fire and rescue teams and provide them with accurate location and fire situation information.

Fire extinguisher usage tips: If the fire is small and you have a dry powder fire extinguisher within a safe distance, you can try to use it. Remember to use the PASS method: pull the pin, aim at the base of the flame, squeeze the wrench, and sweep the flame.

Fire protection of electric scooter batteries is a key part of ensuring personal safety. Understanding the common causes of battery fires, taking corresponding preventive measures, and responding correctly when fires occur can effectively reduce the occurrence of fire accidents and protect the safety of users and surrounding people to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is the responsibility and obligation of every electric scooter user to have an in-depth understanding and attention to the fire protection of electric scooter batteries.