What functions do electric scooters need to have to meet people’s daily use?

What functions do electric scooters need to have to meet people’s daily use?

In order to meet people's daily use needs, electric scooters can have the following functions:
1. Long battery life: Electric scooters should have enough battery life to meet the needs of daily short-distance travel, such as commuting to get off work, shopping, etc.

2. Fast charging function: For user convenience, the battery of the electric scooter should support fast charging to reduce charging time.

3. Folding design: The folding design is easy to carry and store, allowing users to easily fold the scooter when not in use, making it easy to carry into public transportation or store in a small space.

4. Appropriate vehicle speed: A moderate vehicle speed can not only ensure driving safety, but also meet the needs of daily short-distance travel.

5. Lighting and signals: equipped with front and rear lights, turn signals and other signaling devices to improve visibility and safety at night or in complex traffic environments.

6. Comfortable suspension system: In order to provide a more comfortable riding experience, electric scooters can be designed with an effective suspension system to slow down vibrations and bumps.

7. APP connection: Some electric scooters are equipped with APP connection function. Users can adjust settings, check battery status, record trips and more through the mobile app.

8. Braking system: A powerful and reliable braking system is crucial for safe driving, and may include electronic braking, friction braking, etc.

9. Durable materials: Choose high-quality, durable materials to ensure that the electric scooter has a long service life in daily use.

10. Waterproof design: The waterproof function helps to cope with different weather conditions and increases the applicability of the electric scooter.

These functions can make electric scooters better adapt to people's daily travel needs and provide more convenient, safe and comfortable transportation.

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