Navigating Regulations: QMY's Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Navigating Regulations: QMY's Commitment to Safety and Compliance

At QMY, a technology-based firm specializing in electric scooters, we have always prioritized safety and compliance with regulations. Since our establishment in 2015, we have increased and gained recognition as a Guangdong provincial high-tech enterprise in 2021. With certifications including UL, ROHS, FCC, and CE, alongside our ISO9001 accreditation and MES traceability system, we are dedicated to providing customers with the safest and highest quality electric scooters worldwide.


Safety Regulations: Ensuring Rider and Pedestrian Safety

The rise of electric scooters has sparked discussions about safety regulations, and at QMY, we fully support initiatives that prioritize the safety of riders and pedestrians. We design our electric scooters to meet and exceed safety standards, implementing reliable braking systems, durable construction, and efficient lighting for enhanced visibility. Additionally, we advocate for adopting helmet usage and safe riding practices to ensure the well-being of all scooter users.


Licensing and Legal Requirements: Adhering to Local Regulations

Understanding and complying with licensing and legal requirements is crucial for the responsible use of electric scooters. QMY is committed to assisting riders in navigating these regulations. While specific requirements vary by jurisdiction, it is generally essential to familiarize yourself with any licensing or permit requirements and age restrictions that may be in place. By adhering to these regulations, riders can enjoy the benefits of electric scooters without compromising safety or legality.


Impact on Pedestrian Spaces: Promoting Responsible Riding

As electric scooters become more prevalent, concerns about their impact on pedestrian spaces have arisen. At QMY, we actively promote responsible riding practices to minimize adverse effects. We encourage riders to be mindful of pedestrians, to adhere to designated paths and bike lanes whenever possible, and to avoid riding at excessive speeds in crowded areas. By promoting a culture of respect and consideration, we can ensure electric scooters coexist harmoniously with pedestrians and other road users.


The Price of Safety and Compliance: Investing in QMY Electric Scooters

When considering the purchase of a new electric scooter, it's essential to recognize the value of safety and compliance with regulations. QMY electric scooters are designed with the highest safety standards, ensuring that riders enjoy their journey with peace of mind. By investing in a QMY electric scooter, riders are gaining a reliable and high-quality product, contributing to the responsible use of electric scooters, and supporting a company that prioritizes safety and compliance.



At QMY, we are committed to promoting safety and compliance with regulations in the electric scooter industry. By designing our electric scooters to meet and exceed safety standards, advocating for responsible riding practices, and assisting riders in understanding licensing and legal requirements, we aim to create a positive and safe environment for scooter users and pedestrians. When choosing a new electric scooter, remember that the price of safety and compliance is invaluable. With QMY electric scooters and just in time for this Thanksgiving, you can invest in a product that offers a thrilling and convenient ride, upholds the highest safety standards, and contributes to a responsible and sustainable urban transportation landscape.

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