How will my life change when I start using an electric scooter?

How will my life change when I start using an electric scooter?

Faster way to move: Electric scooters offer a faster way to get around, QMY
Model A's top speed of 25km/h allows you to travel through cities or communities faster and avoid traffic jams.

More convenient commuting: Electric scooters are suitable for short-distance commuting. The QMY Model A has a range of 50KM, allowing you to travel from home to the office or other destinations more easily without having to rely on public transportation or cars.


Environmentally friendly travel: Compared with traditional fuel transportation, electric scooters are a more environmentally friendly option, reducing carbon emissions and helping to protect the environment.

Portability: Electric scooters are usually lightweight and easy to fold, and one-touch folding makes them easy to carry. You can fold them and store them in the office or other places when needed.

New social opportunities: Riding a high-end electric scooter may attract the attention of others, become a topic of communication with others, and may also allow you to meet new friends or common enthusiasts.

It should be noted that when using an electric scooter, you should follow traffic rules to ensure safe riding. Additionally, learn about local rules and regulations to ensure your e-scooter is legal to use.

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