Uphill and downhill cycling instructions

In modern urban travel, electric scooters are becoming more and more popular due to their convenience and environmental protection. As a new type of personal transportation, electric scooters have become a unique sight on urban streets. Among them, the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter has become the first choice of many cycling enthusiasts with its excellent performance and intelligent design.


Cycling operations when going uphill:

1.Increase speed ahead of time:

  • Before approaching an uphill climb, build up speed early by hitting the gas or pushing the scooter. The QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter features a dual-drive design that provides more powerful power and can easily handle uphill challenges.
  • Through the flexible control of the front and rear electronic brakes, speed and power output can be easily adjusted when needed to cope with different uphill situations.

2.Adjust posture:

  • When going uphill, lean your body slightly forward so that the center of gravity is at the front of the scooter, which will help increase the grip of the front wheel.
  • Utilizing the stable body design of the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter, you can adjust your posture to maintain a good sense of balance, making it easier to go uphill.

3.Timely acceleration:

  • When going uphill, increase the throttle when appropriate, but be careful not to overuse it to save battery energy.
  • According to changes in slope, flexibly adjust the throttle to maintain an appropriate speed to avoid stagnation caused by too slow speed.

Cycling operation when going downhill:

1.Control speed:

  • The QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter is equipped with front and rear electronic brakes and rear foot brakes to effectively control the speed when going downhill.
  • Control the speed by lightly applying the brakes or reducing the accelerator to avoid losing control when going downhill too fast.

2.Maintain a stable posture:

  • When going downhill, keep your body's center of gravity stable, place your feet steadily on the scooter, and keep your upper body slightly tilted back.
  • The design of the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter ensures the stability of the body, and the rider can maintain a stable posture with more confidence.

3.Use your brakes with caution:

  • Utilizing the rear foot brake design of the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter, more intuitive and precise braking operations can be achieved.
  • Use the brakes appropriately to avoid excessive braking that may cause the vehicle to lose balance or lock up.

4.Pay attention to road conditions:

  • Always pay attention to the road conditions when going downhill to avoid potholes, gravel or other obstacles.
  • The excellent suspension system of the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter can help riders better cope with the challenges of different road conditions.

5.Adjust speed:

  • According to changes in slope and road conditions, adjust the speed in a timely manner to maintain safe riding.


To sum up, when riding the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter, the uphill and downhill riding operations require special attention. Utilizing the design of front and rear electronic brakes and rear foot brakes, riders can more flexibly control speed and direction of travel, ensuring a safe and comfortable riding experience. Whether climbing a steep uphill or riding downhill, the QMY TK2 dual-drive electric scooter can provide riders with a smooth riding experience, making it one of the best choices for urban travel.


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