Benefits of owning an electric scooter in the United States

In America’s bustling cities, every street tells its own story. In this vibrant city, a new mode of transportation is quietly emerging, and that is electric scooters. Weaving between high-rise buildings and roaming along lakeside trails, these small and flexible vehicles are not only tools for travel, but also windows for exploring the urban scenery.


  1. It is a convenient means of transportation


  • Flexibility and portability: Electric scooters are lighter and easier to carry and store than traditional means of transportation. They can be taken with you when needed, eliminating the need to rely on public transportation or finding parking spaces, making travel more flexible and convenient.


  • Navigating Urban Traffic: In urban environments, e-scooters can more easily navigate congested streets and sidewalks, eliminating wasted time in traffic jams.


  • Last mile travel: E-scooters are ideal for those last-mile distances that require traveling from public transportation stops (e.g. metro stations, bus stops) to your destination. They bridge this distance quickly and easily, saving time and effort.


  • Environmental protection and energy saving: Electric scooters do not produce tail gas emissions and are more environmentally friendly than traditional means of transportation such as cars. At the same time, their energy consumption is relatively low, and using batteries as a power source helps save energy and reduce environmental impact.


  • Cheap operating costs: Electric scooters have lower operating costs compared to cars. They require no gasoline, only electricity to charge, and the electricity bill is relatively low. Additionally, maintenance costs are relatively low as they have no complex engines or mechanical parts.


  1. Raise awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation


  • Zero emissions: Electric scooters use batteries as a power source and do not produce tailpipe emissions like internal combustion engine vehicles. This means that no pollutants will be emitted into the atmosphere during driving, helping to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.


  • Energy efficiency: Compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, electric scooters are more efficient in their use of energy. The e-scooter's battery can be charged via the grid, which can tap into a variety of energy sources, including clean energy sources such as solar and wind. In contrast, when traditional vehicles use fuel, their energy conversion efficiency is low, and part of the energy will be lost in the form of heat.


  • Reduce traffic congestion: Electric scooters can serve as an alternative mode of travel, especially for short distances. If more people choose to use electric scooters, it can reduce the need for private cars, thereby reducing traffic congestion and reducing the fuel waste and emissions of cars in traffic jams.


  • Reduced resource consumption: Manufacturing electric scooters requires less materials and energy than traditional cars. They are generally smaller and lightweight, so they consume fewer resources during production, transportation and use.


  1. Economical and affordable


  • Low operating costs: Compared to gasoline cars or motorcycles, electric scooters have lower operating costs. They do not require the purchase of gasoline and simply charge through an outlet. Electricity costs are relatively low and often cheaper than buying gasoline, especially considering the high range of electric scooters, which can travel relatively long distances on a single charge.


  • Low maintenance costs: Electric scooters generally do not have complex mechanical structures such as internal combustion engines, so maintenance costs are low. Compared with cars, they do not require regular replacement of engine oil, air filters and other parts, and maintenance work is relatively simple.


  • Free or low-cost parking: In some areas, e-scooters can park for free or at a reduced price. Many cities offer free bike parking or cheaper parking facilities, and this also applies to e-scooters.


  • Cheap purchase cost: Compared to cars or motorcycles, electric scooters are generally less expensive to purchase. Although there are some high-end electric scooters, the prices are usually more affordable than cars of the same category.


4.Healthy exercise


  • Increase physical activity: Using an electric scooter still requires physical participation compared to riding in a car or public transportation. Although electric scooters have a boost function, the body is required to maintain balance, turn, and control speed during riding. These actions can increase the amount of physical activity.


  • Mild aerobic exercise: During the use of an electric scooter, the body will undergo a certain degree of aerobic exercise, especially when riding for a long time or facing some uphill sections. These exercises have a positive impact on cardiovascular health and increase physical vitality.


  • Improve balance and coordination: Riding an electric scooter requires maintaining balance, which can help exercise the body's balance and coordination. Especially when steering the scooter and avoiding obstacles, it can improve body coordination.


  • Reduce sitting time: Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health, and having an electric scooter can encourage people to spend less time in cars or sitting at a desk for long periods of time. By choosing to ride an electric scooter as a mode of travel, you can reduce the time you spend sitting for long periods of time and help prevent some health problems related to sitting for long periods of time.


  • Improve mood: Outdoor activities have a positive impact on mood, and riding an electric scooter allows people to enjoy the outdoor scenery and fresh air, which helps relax and reduce stress.


5.Parking convenience:


  • Free parking: Electric scooters are generally regarded as bicycle-like means of transportation and can be parked freely in many places, including public bicycle parking racks, open spaces on sidewalks, bicycle parking spaces in front of stores, etc. This means that you don’t need to find a dedicated parking space like a car, but can conveniently park in a suitable place according to your needs.


  • Free parking: Some cities or regions offer free parking for bicycles, and e-scooters are often eligible for this convenience as well. This means you don’t have to pay for parking and can easily park your e-scooter in the city.


  • Flexible Parking: The small and flexible nature of the electric scooter allows it to be easily parked in a variety of environments, and can even be brought into a store or office premises without additional parking fees or parking permits.


  • Spend less time looking for a parking spot: E-scooters make it easier to find a suitable parking spot than cars because they can park in a wider variety of places. This reduces time spent searching for a parking space, especially in busy urban or commercial areas.


  • Convenient public transportation transfer: Electric scooters can be easily carried on public transportation, such as subways, buses or trains, and then used near the destination, which saves the time and expense of finding a parking space.



6.Enjoy the city scenery:


  • Flexibility: With their small size and maneuverability, e-scooters can easily navigate city streets, sidewalks, and trails. This brings cyclists closer to the city’s various attractions and sights, including parks, riverbanks, beaches and more.


  • Slow travel experience: Riding an electric scooter is a relatively slow travel experience. Compared with driving a car, you can experience the urban scenery in more detail. Cyclists can slowly appreciate the surrounding scenery, architecture, cultural atmosphere, etc., and better integrate into urban life.


  • No pollution, low noise: Electric scooters use batteries as a power source, produce no exhaust emissions, and have low noise. This means cyclists can more easily enjoy the tranquility and fresh air of their surroundings without being disturbed by car exhaust and noise.


  • Convenient parking: Due to the flexibility and small size of electric scooters, riders can park near attractions more easily, making it easier to enjoy the city scenery, take photos, or stop to rest.


  • Urban vitality: Riding an electric scooter can get closer to the rhythm and vitality of the city, and feel the pulse of the city and the breath of life. Whether you are in a bustling business district, a historic district or a cultural and art center, you can more intuitively feel the diversity and charm of the city.


"Therefore, in this vibrant city, owning an electric scooter is not only a means of transportation, but also an attitude towards life. It allows us to get closer to the pulse of the city and feel the charm and vitality of the city more directly. Let us ride it, shuttle through the streets of the city, leave our own unique mark, and feel the infinite charm of this city.

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